Subscription fees

homeshare fees Householder.jpg

Householder subscription includes:

  • Vetting, screening and selecting trusted companions
  • An initial home-visit, provided 6 days per week at convenient times to suit you
  • Facilitating and managing the meeting of prospective Companions
  • Facilitating the trial weekend
  • Preparing the agreed home-share agreement
  • Setting up the monthly subscription and retainer fee.
  • Responsive home-share support 7 days per week for your peace of mind
  • A complimentary Physiotherapy / Occupational therapy consultation, for persons over 65years

Companion subscription includes:

  • Visiting prospective householders to ensure suitability of the property
  • Facilitating the meeting of prospective Householders
  • Facilitating the trial weekend
  • Preparing the agreed home-share agreement
  • Responsive home-share support 7 days per week
  • Invitation to Share my Home social groups hosted throughout the year. This is a good way of getting to know new people in London.


Homeshare fees Companion.jpg

The subscription:

The subscription is a monthly charge to both Householder and the Companion for the duration of the Home-share period. Once the companion moves out of the Householders property the subscription with Share my Home comes to an end. In order to end the Home-share agreement, a 1 month notice period is required.


The retainer:

A retainer fee is an amount charged to the younger person, the 'Companion', once the match has been agreed by all parties.

Companion retainer is a £360 refundable fee.

The retainer amount is refunded back to the Companion from month 6. The retainer is deducted from future subscription charges. For example, the Companions retainer of £360 is deducted off their subscription fee at month 6 and month 7. The subscription commences again from month 8.

The retainer fee is to safeguard Share my Home should any unforeseen circumstances arise from non-payment from the companion.