Share my Home is an answer to premium quality support at home.


How safe is Home-sharing?

All our applicants are intensively screened and vetted for your safety. Our robust screening includes Police check verification and face to face interviews. Background checks include ID, visa and reference checks.

In-keeping with our high quality and safety standards, we only accept a small proportion of applicants we receive.

At Share my Home, we work hard for your safety.


What are the Home-owner benefits?

Having regular reliable help around the home can be priceless. Home-help can be incredibly beneficial no matter what your situation. Single parents, older people, busy professionals, pet-owners, people recovering from surgery ALL value this. Home-owners find home-help costly and difficult to source competent people that you would entrust in your home.

The Companion provides an agreed amount of regular help around the home, usually 10 hours a week*, in exchange of accommodation. Companions tend to be interns, mature students or working professionals that commit to a 9 month or 1 year agreement.

Share my Home prides themselves with providing you with a comprehensive and trusted service for an affordable fee. It does all the leg-work for you, by thoroughly screening, vetting and selecting likely Companion that match your personality and requirements.

*Based on the London living wage the Home-owner receives the equivalent of £400 worth of home help per month.


What are the Companion benefits:

Becoming a companion through Share my Home gives you the freedom to achieve things differently in your life. You may be wanting to build up a financial nest egg by saving on accommodation fees. Your living situation may have changed or you might be interested in living in a new neighbourhood near to work or university. You might also be at the stage of your life that you no longer want to live in a typical house-share with younger people. There are so many benefits to becoming a Companion. But most importantly, being able to have a direct impact on someone’s life through small acts of kindness and generosity will have lasting benefits.


How do I know if I am the right person to become a Companion?

  • You love helping others and lending a helping hand, ‘pitching-in’ when you can

  • People that know you well, describe you as ‘warm, friendly, thoughtful and kind’

  • You have a mature outlook on life and enjoy getting to know people from different walks of life

  • You value home life and are considerate and respectful with how people choose to live their lives


What tasks does the Companion carry out?

Tasks can be varied and not dissimilar to things you normally carry out as part of your every-day life. Tasks may be preparing breakfast, sharing a few evening meals together, general upkeep of the home, running errands. You may wish to share hobbies or interests that are important to you, like going to the theatre, or even updating your IT skills.

It is up to both the Householder and Companion to decide on which tasks are carried out as long as they are in keeping with our values of an enjoyed shared living experience.

Agreed tasks are itemised in the Homeshare Agreement document and are a useful checklist to refer to especially at the early stages of the home-share agreement.


What is the Share my Home agreement?

It is a formal document setting out the terms of the agreement between the Home-owner and Companion throughout the home-sharing period. After a successful match and trial period, the agreement is drawn up with close consultation from the Home-owner and Companion. The agreement outlines important details such as:

  • The Companion tasks to be completed and preferred times of the week these are completed.

  • The commitment duration term.

  • Code of conduct and friendship pledge

  • House-keeping and ground rules


I am happy with the Companion, why is a trial weekend needed?

A trial weekend is a wonderful opportunity for the Householder and Companion to get to know each other.

A trial stay is important for each party to have a real understanding and sense of the Home-share agreement and commitment arrangement.


Does the Companion help with personal care?

In keeping with our values of friendship and a shared living experience, Companions do not support with any personal care or manual handling tasks. These tasks are suited to a professional and trained carer.


Can the Companion go on holiday?

Of course! The Companion is able to take holidays and weekend breaks as usual. It is important that you plan this in advance with the Householder and keep them informed of your movements.


Can I have friends/family visit or stay over-night?

Generally, a Companion would socialise with their friends outside of the home. Once the Householder and Companion know each other well, they may agree a friend to visit as an appropriate arrangement.


Does the Companion contribute to house-hold bills?

Companions do not generally contribute to utility bills. Should the council tax increase as a result of a second person living in the property, the Sharer would need to pay this additional amount.  If there is no WIFI already, the Home-sharer may agree to a contribution for this service.


What happens if I am not accepted as a Companion?

Share my Home will explain to you why they came to that decision. If you’d like a formal letter outlining this, we’d be happy to do this for you too.


What if it doesn't work out?

At Share my Home we skilfully match compatible individuals together for a beneficial living experience. In rare circumstances things might not work out. If you are dissatisfied with the home-share arrangement contact us so that we can resolve things amicably and efficiently. We are available 7 days a week for your peace of mind.


Do I need to take out additional insurance?

We recommend Home-owners inform their home insurance provider. Companions are recommended to take out liability insurance. We can provide you with affordable insurance providers under the Home-sharing agreement.

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